How Difficult Is Trade Globally: How BBX Is Solving It.

Remember when we studied about world civilizations in our school history books?

Now, we are not going back to our school days here. But, if you try to remember, trading actually originated during the prehistoric era from human-to-human communication. It started with the simplistic barter system, and as centuries went by, the simple form of trade and commerce became nuanced with the complexities of modern times.

And today, we cannot really imagine world trade without buzzwords like macroeconomics, GDP, convergence, inflation, depreciation, etc. Global trade and investments in the modern world, broadly known as globalization, are highly complex and challenging, to say the least.

What are the challenges in international trading?

  • Varying rates of inflation and currency exchange – Currency exchange rates vary from one country to another, which automatically triggers fluctuating costs of a specified volume of goods or services. Inflation is another significant factor; inflation rates vary across countries, thereby impacting the costs of services and products differently.
  • Effects of foreign policies, global politics, and relations – Global commerce is deeply influenced by international politics, laws, policies, and relationships between different countries. Trade taxes, costs of labor and raw materials, labor laws, logistical infrastructure, and every other aspect of world trade and commerce are nuanced by world leaders.
  • Challenges in transportation – Services and commodities involved in commerce can be difficult to transport, and people cannot always travel themselves; which means they need to arrange for logistics. This becomes especially challenging for small businesses when it involves cross-border trading, with high risks and expenses of logistical support.
  • Lack of purchase power – In the case of small businesses, limited funding prevents them from engaging in global trade relations. Small businesses need financial support to purchase goods and services to expand commerce.

Global business is strewn with unique challenges that hinder small and medium-sized businesses from participating.

But there is good news!

Small business owners can now overcome these hurdles and engage in seamless world trade, with the help of BBX.

BBX India – facilitating trading, empowering businesses globally

BBX, a one-of-a-kind B2B e-commerce platform, has revolutionized retail trade in India. After their success in the UK, Australia, and South Asia, BBX Holdings Pte. Ltd. has now forayed into the Indian market. It aims to boost cashless trade among small and medium businesses, thereby creating a sustainable trade economy.

BBX facilitates the cashless exchange of goods and services between its members through the use of Digital Trade Credits (DTC). Registered businesses can also avail of interest-free credit lines in the form of DTCs, to enhance their purchasing power.

The BBX ecosystem is especially beneficial if you have just launched a venture. It helps generate substantial capital from limited capacity or availability of business resources. Besides, you can benefit significantly by leveraging all that the BBX platform offers, like –

  • A standardized medium for trading, i.e. DTCs
  • Conserving cash by using DTCs for exchanging goods and services
  • Minimizing your operational expenses and overhead
  • Effective use of the spare capacity of your business
  • Instant purchasing power through interest-free credits
  • No bad debts from delayed payments
  • Ready access to IT infrastructure and sales support for global trade relations
  • Networking with businesses all over the world

By becoming a member of BBX, you actually unlock a brilliant business proposal that not only secures but also future-proofs your entrepreneurial venture against economic fluctuations.

BBX India has been supporting small and medium businesses in India with country-specific requirements. They aim to overcome challenges in trading and empower growing businesses by helping them take advantage of the power of digitization and technology.


Join the trading revolution now and take advantage of the chance to enhance your trading skills!


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