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APASA HAND GEL - Anti - Virus

Apasa hand gel is a liquid-like substance used for cleaning your hands and killing bacteria on them

Hand gels are faster and easier to use than soap

100 BBX Trade Credits each



Whether you want to replace old wood or aluminum windows and doors with modern advanced uPVC units or if you need UPVC windows and doors for any new build project we can provide these services.The company branch in Thailand was found in 1999 by an engineer who graduated from Austria and has many years working experience in the chief position of uPVC Window production from Germany, since 1985. With 30 years of experience in the uPVC industry, manufacturing and installing, we are able to provide comprehensive technical expertise which covers all aspects of design, fabrication and installation of windows and doors.DeKu German Windows and Doors provide its customers with custom made windows and doors to any specification or pocket to meet all your requirements. Your windows and doors are then manufactured by us alone here in Thailand to Internationally approved standards.

Available 50% BBX Trade Credits

DEUK Windows-1

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Alibaba, Pattaya’s most famous Tandoori & Curry restaurant has served the community since 1984.

14th Century inspired. The famous legend ALIBABA and the 40 Thieves architecture provides the perfect setting for Pattaya’s most famous Indian restaurant. A breathtaking surrounding of treasures acquired from various parts of the globe, combined with the exceptional Mughalai cuisine, makes ALIBABA what it is today.

As you start to climb the stairway into the restaurant, you will immediately feel as if you have entered the Alibaba’s cave or den as the walls are covered with photos, plates, murals, decorations and a ceiling of gold which all seem to transport you back to the 15th century fable of Alibaba and the 40 thieves.

At ALIBABA, we have recreated the atmosphere and cuisine of that era to give you an unforgettable dining experience.

Yes it’s time for the magic to begin

Alibaba food

                                                Available 50% BBX Trade Credits

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Pool Villa

Private villa residence by Rayong River, right in the heart of the city, located in natural surroundings, close to entertainment venues. 

Sleeps up to 15 People - from 9,500 per night

Paddle boardPool villa riverside

Try paddle boarding on the river                                                                   Or simply relax and enjoy the view                                    

Villa Available 100% BBX Trade Credits (Sunday-Thursday)


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