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BBX have updated the Shop and Directory to make it easier for members to purchase, sell and search for the required services.

On 21st January 2019 BBX South Pacific Celebrated 25 years and awarded its top performers on a magical night!

BBX Canberra officially launch and inviting you to join on 19th Feb 2019 at CafĂ© 


BBX now operates In 12 countries with 25,000 businesses globally!

 We are glad to see many of our member have a good experience along their Barter trading and experience with BBX


DATE: 29th of October 2018 VENUE: See details TIME: 7pm - Finished FOOD: Finger Food & Refreshment provided

If you're confused about marketing versus advertising, you're not alone. While both platforms reach a targeted audience to promote products or services, they are...