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All Kinds of Counseling
Improve Your Mental Well being

Holistic counselling and coaching takes the whole person into consideration with the  goal to balance all the different aspects so the entire person is addressed in treatment. A holistic approach improves your overall wellbeing and health impacting your health, wellness and attitude in a positive way.

This means as a holistic counsellor we combine traditional talk therapy models along with other modalities such as bodywork, meditation, relaxation, EFT, Reiki, natural medicines in order to help balance and deal with issues.

When looking for help finding an holistic counsellor could be what you need to find balance and perspective in what is happening currently in your life. It is important to find someone who you feel comfortable with and is focused on what your needs are. I am providing this site and these blogs to create a space for people to find support, tools and knowledge to support a well rounded, all inclusive approach to getting better.

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