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Quality Moisture Control Products for Sale

FRAL 16 (16 LTR/DAY) - T$460.00 each 

  • Quiet, Lightweight, Modern looking machine, suitable for a variety of situations where larger unit is not required
  • This Dehumidifier has dial control to make operations simple and easy and comes back on after power failure.

Sturdy Castors on the base enable the unit to be moved easily over wooden, carpeted or tiled floors.

Suki 12 (12 LTR/DAY) - T$365.00

The controls on the Suki 12 are a reliable dial operation. Using only 180 watts, its running costs won't break the bank. Some of our customers use this unit in conjunction with one of our larger units stationed in the main living area, moving the smaller Suki 12 around on a daily basis.

Mini Rechargeable Oval; Box of 12 T$400.00

These mini rechargeable oval dehumidifiers will not do the job of a refrigerant dehumidifier and are not powerful enough to extract moisture from an entire room but they are perfect for mould in wardrobes and linen cupboards, to avoid mould on leather shoes and all storage boxes, etc.

Dehumidifier Eggs; Box of 16 T$300.00

With porous porcelain surface and silica crystals inside, the Dehumidifying Egg sucks moisture from the air to prevent mildew and remove dampness. It maintains a well-balanced level of humidity, helping to reduce mould, mildew and odours.

dehumid 1-6

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