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Professional Business Services Hair & beauty NSW

Lash Extensions; Spray Tanning; Teeth Whitening & More

Located 8A Ortona Road, Lindfield, 2070, NSW


Lash Haven has been operating over 20 years providing beautiful lashes for beautiful women and has pioneered eyelash extensions in Sydney and in all states around Australia.

Lash Extension Training

We offer Eyelash extension 1 day courses with FREE Follow up unlimited Training

We have trained over 5000 girls and owners of the biggest Lash clinics in Australia 

Students can come back to any class as many time as they want for FREE.


Packages on BBX

Full Set of Lash Extensions - $ 200.00 BBX

Spray Tanning - $55.00 BBX

Teeth Whitening - $100.00 BBX

Colonical Hydrotherapy - Treatment 1 - $150.00 BBX (1 Hour)

Single Colonic session
Initial Health consultation

Colonical Hydrotherapy - Treatment 2 - $250.00 BBX (3/4 Hour)

Single Colonic session
Initial Health consultation
Kinesiology treatment to look into the emotional connection to your bowel and digestive issues
Take home bowel support pack

please contact Karen to book

                                                                 0411 621 881 |

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