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Dolphy Automatic Airblade Jet Hand Dryers & Hair Dryer

Dolphy Automatic Airblade Jet Hand Dryer


10pcs Available 

Hand dryer is a device used in almost all wash rooms for hygienically 

drying hands. Hand dryers are most Eco-friendly as they are instrumental

in saving paper and towels.

Innovative technology from DOLPHY inspire, makes hand drying fast and easy. Designed with a high-velocity air stream that completely eliminates water droplets and vapor, it dries hands in seconds. Energy Efficient technology makes it the preferred choice.



2-5777805 dolfin
Price - BBX $1099


Dolphy Automatic Hand Dryer - White 

20pcs Available

Dolphy brings for your bathroom convenience, a smart automatic hand dryer. Constructed of ABS housing for enhanced durability, this product will make a great addition to your bathroom. It is a great alternative to hand towel dispensers as it is instrumental in saving paper. An automatic function facilitates easy and smooth operation. It features a single wave of hot air. With its ability to mount either in the corner or flat on a wall, it is a versatile piece.


●Watts : 1800 W   ● Motor Speed : 2400 r/min   ● Power supply: 220V (50Hz-60Hz)  ● Wind speed : >15 m/s  ●  Blowing volume : 162m³/h  ● Hand drying time: 15-20 Seconds  ● Waterproof grade: IPX1  ● Operation : Touch-free  ● One Waves : Hot Waves




thumbnail_IMG_6836 thumbnail_IMG_6837

Price - BBX $499


Premium Look Black Air Blade Jet Hand Dryer- Black

12pcs Available
4 pcs in one carton 

Automatic jet hand dryer Material : ABS,Power: 1000 W,Voltage: AC 220 V, 50 / 60 Hz,Air Speed : 85 m/s,Air Temperature: 20 ± 15°C,Current: 5-9 A,Blowing volume: 150m³/h Motor speed: 25000 r/min,Noise level : 60 - 80 DB,Water splash proof: IPX4,MOTOR TYPE : BRUSHED MOTOR,OPERATION : TOUCH-FREE INFRARED ACTIVATION,Dry Hand Time: 8-10 Seconds Saves Electricity and Costs less to run - Dries Hand in less than 10 Seconds using 80% less energy than Normal warm.
Hand Dryer Convenient and Sanitary - work automatically, just put your hands under the air outlet. No need to touch it! Save money and protect the environment -- Low energy consumption and no wasting paper towels. Its speedy dry time and highly refined design creates a refreshing lifestyle.




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Price: $1299 full BBX


Dolphy Wall mounted Hair Dryer

 20 pcs  Available 

Dolphy Wall mounted Hair Dryer comes from European classical design luxury and beauty, fashionable variety, high quality, safe and reliable. It is the first choice for bathroom, and a must of Star Hotel. The Dolphy Wall Mounted Hang Up Dryer features 1200 Watts drying power and ionic technology for fast drying. Quiet, long-life motor. Popular with hotels and spas. The wall mounted hang-up design helps deter theft. Voltage : 220 V, Frequency : 50 Hz Rated Power : 1200 W Current : 4.5 A, Blowing Rate : 12m/s Blowing Volume : 67 m3/n Materials : High Quality ABS Color : White PRODUCT FEATURE : 1. Imported plastic materials refined, not easy to overheating deformation, 2. Handle with micro switch button to set, lift the handle and electricity work, loose the power button is stop working, 3. Mute design, Beautiful and delicate, especially energy saving, 4. Strong hanging safety support, strong and durable 5. Two Waves For Hair Dryer and Body Dryer 6. Inbuilt Plug for any use


Price - BBX $299
Delivery by COD

(03) 8594 1839

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