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Retail Shopping Melbourne Bathroom Homeware

Dolphy Automatic Air Blade Jet Hand Dryer & Hair Dryer For Sale in BBX Melbourne


Dolphy Wall mounted Hair Dryer

 25 pcs  Available 

Dolphy Wall mounted Hair Dryer comes from European classical design luxury and beauty, fashionable variety, high quality, safe and reliable. It is the first choice for bathroom, and a must of Star Hotel. The Dolphy Wall Mounted Hang Up Dryer features 1200 Watts drying power and ionic technology for fast drying. Quiet, long-life motor. Popular with hotels and spas. The wall mounted hang-up design helps deter theft. Voltage : 220 V, Frequency : 50 Hz Rated Power : 1200 W Current : 4.5 A, Blowing Rate : 12m/s Blowing Volume : 67 m3/n Materials : High Quality ABS Color : White PRODUCT FEATURE : 1. Imported plastic materials refined, not easy to overheating deformation, 2. Handle with micro switch button to set, lift the handle and electricity work, loose the power button is stop working, 3. Mute design, Beautiful and delicate, especially energy saving, 4. Strong hanging safety support, strong and durable 5. Two Waves For Hair Dryer and Body Dryer 6. Inbuilt Plug for any use



Stock clearance $ 199


(03) 8594 1839


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