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BBX | Member Testimonials

Why BBX will work for your business?

“BBX provides us with an extremely cost effective way for us to rent out our unsold weeks.

We have an incredible range of luxury rental properties on Cyprus, and inevitably, we have a few unsold weeks. Using BBX, we can quickly promote these short notice opportunities to a worldwide network of business owners. Typically generate between £5,000 and £7000 of additional revenue per month thanks to BBX.

Our business related spend so far includes the services of a web designer, hotel accommodation for business trips, and more recently, we have found an excellent accountant on BBX. 

Not yet! But it’s still early days for us with BBX.  We have previous experience with another trading network, and we know that people who visit Cyprus and stay in one of our properties are more likely to come back and buy their own property from us a few years down the line."

Paul Hann – CEO/Founder / Sunshine Luxury Villas

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