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BBX | Our New Corporate Video

We are very excited about our new corporate video. With a short and precise introduction of who we are and what we are doing mainly. Dr Lee Oi Kum, BBX Chairperson spoke about our aim and mission.

"We help to promote B2B activity by facilitating matchmaking, networking, personalized member induction and the extension of zero credit lines in BBX Trade Credits

Our Aim is to provide solutions and contacts to help our members grow their businesses, generating new streams of revenue and increasing purchasing power."

- Dr Lee Oi Kum, BBX Chairperson

Along with Carolin MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer at BBX Australia spoke a couple of words on her excitement on BBX team to be part of the founding family and now in a position to offer business owners more than ever before excites her! Her passion flows through our team, their energetic and we have a real culture of generosity.

Kelvin Yeo, BBX Singapore Business Development Manager

Olivia Chung, BBX New Zealand Country Manager

John Attridge, CEO BBX UK

Testimonials recorded by our member Frazer Goodman, owner from – 1000steps.

"One of the key things I love is that we can use BBX trade credits to purchase key business expenses such as business cards, staff training and certification, accounting services, videography, travel and legal services. Being introduced to the BBX business community provides my business with a qualified database that my services are tailored too."

- Frazer Goodman, owner from – 1000steps.

Testimonials recorded by our member Richard Powell,

"If you are interested in being part of a dynamic B2B program, where you can pursue your business dreams and goals, be surrounded by people who will not only inspire you but can also help you navigate the business in today's economy, then you must give BBX a try!"

- Richard Powell, CEO of Save our Sons Foundation

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