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BBX | How does BBX help Property Developers?


Are you a property developer looking for a solution to streamline your projects?

BBX has the answer!

The BBX community can

  • Achieve consistent off the plan sales to its established buyer pool
  • Connect you to quality project supply chains using BBX Trade Credit purchasing power
  • Sell remaining development stock fast, allowing you to comfortably move to your next project
  • Provide INTEREST FREE deposits to help purchase development sites

Here’s how it works –

  • Sign up to BBX online at
  • List your properties for sale and BBX will source immediate buyers from their ever growing investor list
  • The BBX team will connect you to preferred developer supply chains using the BBX Digital Trade Credit purchasing power
  • The BBX team will coordinate the settlement of your property sales and cultivate your development eco-system within the BBX community

BBX, a trusted solution partnering with property developers since 1993

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