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Our Business Mastery Workshops are all about moving your business from Chaos to Control. We will teach you tried and tested business building strategies, to boost you profits and free up your time. You’ll find out how to get working smarter, so that you WORK LESS while taking home MORE MONEY…

What You’ll Learn at the Business Mastery Workshops:

Self Mastery

  • How to set your business goals and create Vision and Mission statements.
  • The skills to master your time management for maximum productivity and effectiveness.
  • An understanding of different personality types and how to use this knowledge in your business.

Marketing Mastery

  • The importance of marketing and how to use it to achieve your business goals.
  • Why it’s vital to stand out from the crowd and how to identify and use your company’s Unique Selling Proposition.

Sales Mastery

  • The theory of sales and developing a sales process for consistent results.
  • Questioning techniques, dealing with objections etc.
  • The importance of measuring and maximising

Finance Mastery

  • How to develop more effective financial reporting.
  • What are the appropriate Key Performance Indicators for your business.
  • How to prepare financial budgets and cash flow to better manage business challenges.

Customer Mastery

  • How to cross sell and up sell.
  • Strategies to create customer loyalty and the ‘wow’ factor and why this is important.
  • How to improve your service culture and all the systems that underpin great service.

Team Mastery

  • The 6 keys to a successful team.
  • The principles behind becoming a great leader in your business.
  • How to improve your business culture and communication.


£150 BBX (including VAT) for one workshop
£750 BBX (including VAT) for all 6 workshops

You can book direct via the link below and use the code BBX123, you will get the course discounted to Nil, we will then send a request for your BBX number to take payment.
Course Date – Click here!

ActionCOACH Solent
Boyatt Wood Centre
Shakespeare Road
Hampshire SO50 4QP

For more details and to book your place, contact us:

02380 560833

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