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BBX | Using BBX Trade Credits as a Deposit on your First Investment Property

From retail, hospitality, media, professional services, wholesaling or online ideas, wealth creation is made from turning little ideas into sustainable businesses.

Surveys show 95 per cent of people want to make money for themselves. And why not?

But business success doesn't always come easily. Emotion is the key factor driving most people's desire to own their own business; logic needs to be applied to all of your aspirations as you need to safeguard you and your family's financial security.


Business owners within the BBX Platform are turning lost profits into new a stream of income. BBX works alongside your existing bank account and doesn’t replace your cash business but gives you additional revenue by selling your products within the BBX community.

Operators are trading there goods and services with other business owners in exchange for BBX Trade Credits, then using these BBX Trade Credits as a deposit to purchase their first investment property.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Sign up with BBX Online, verify your business and receive your interest-free credit line
  2. Promote your products and services through the BBX Marketplace with the help of your BBX Trade Manager
  3. Trade your offerings with other business owners in exchange for BBX Trade Credits
  4. Use your BBX Trade Credits to buy goods you need within the BBX System or save up to purchase your first investment property
  5. Invest your BBX Trade Credits into one of the hundreds of properties for sale at

And because BBX Trade Credits are recognized and accounted for in taxation reporting, it’s easier and safer than ever for you do what you want with your finances.

Established in 1993, BBX has helped hundreds of its registered business owners build wealth creation via property investment with many business owners also assisting their children enter property markets which would otherwise be outside their reach.

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