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BBX | How does BBX help solve Hospitality Pain Points of 2018?

BBX is a tool that helps businesses manage cashflow and gain new customers. Its been helping businesses since 1993 and on average it helps thousands of hospitality outlets each month save in excess of $5mil.

SO how does BBX help their members solve the hospitality industry pain points of 2018?

1            The changing expectations of clientele

The modern clientele has changed, leaving many of hospitality outlets scrambling to adapt to evolving clientele behaviors and expectations.  Clientele are increasingly using mobile devices for everything from searching for and booking, to posting about their experiences on social media. BBX provides the Mobile App technology builders to its hospitality clients and the hospitality outlets are trading their hotels rooms and restaurant meals using the BBX Digital Trading Platform to settle the technology builders account.

2            OBA consolidation and market share growth

Additionally, online bookings agencies (OBAs) are consolidating through mergers and acquisitions, reducing competition. They’re also taking more of the market share of online bookings as clientele chose to book through OBA’s rather than brand websites, these OBA’s are charging up to 35% - Eg Uber Eats,, trivago, Deliveroo. BBX assists its hospitality clients by driving new customers outside these OBA circles, it recommends the hospitality client through its network, connecting them with its ready base of customers. BBX drives upwards of 18,000 hotel bookings and 120,000 meals per month to its hospitality members at a transaction fee of only 6%.

3            The explosion of data

The Explosion of data in recent years, and the increasing pressure for brands to deliver more personalized consumer experiences. BBX helps its hospitality members offer personalised add-ons that provide a better customer care experience, in turn providing higher feedback ratings. Personalisation and the customer experience set the BBX hospitality clients apart from their competitors. The customer experience add-ons are purchased by the hospitality clients through the BBX Digital Trading Platform, allowing the hospitality clients to increase their customer personalisation without allocating a cash budget.

4            The Management of Reviews

Hospitality can be made or broken by clientele reviews, keeping up and managing them can be a challenge. BBX provides the Zaaton App that its hospitality clients rent through the BBX Digital Trading Platform using BBX Trade Credits to pay the monthly subscription. Hospitality clients earn the BBX Trade Credits by marketing their hotel rooms and meals through the platform. Zaaton allows hospitality clients to manage and promote clientele reviews that deliver high ranking google results.

5            Rewards based Recognition

Maintaining strong clientele rewards and recognition programs ensuring the returning customer. BBX provides its hospitality members with web designers that help create data capture funnels, providing usable feedback and allowing them to manage in-house rewards programs. The hospitality clients use the BBX Digital Trading Platform to purchase the rewards using BBX Trade Credits that allows them recognize their loyal customers.

About BBX:

BBX is a tool that helps businesses manage cashflow and gain new customers.

Established in 1993, it’s a B2B community builder with a focus on the customer experience with digital credits as settlements for trade transactions.

Territories of operations include China, Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Costa Rica, Korea and Thailand

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