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Why BBX will work for your business?

“I joined BBX in October 2016 & to be honest I was a bit sceptical. It took a while to get my head around the fact its sensible to spend before you earn, not the other way around.

I believe the key is to think outside the box. As well as thinking of things you want & need, think what do you want but perhaps not want or need enough to spend hard earned cash?

In my first eight months I’ve used BBX for several things in the business & for a few luxuries for myself & family

For Business I’ve used:

  • Coaching
  • Marketing Consultancy & Planning
  • Coasters made
  • T-shirts & sweatshirts for Expo stands
  • Canvass prints in the office
  • A Room Divider
  • Marketing data
  • Expo prize of a weekend in Cornwall at Tyacks Hotel
  • I’m about to get a brochure designed

For Personnel:

  • Two pamper sessions for my Wife & I, including my first ever pedicure & facial
  • Massage & pampering for my daughter for Christmas
  • Silver Jewellery for my wife for Christmas
  • 5 cases of beer!
  • New watches, which will be Christmas presents for my son & brother
  • Bowen technique to fix a knee injury
  • Canvass Prints for home & Mother’s Birthday
  • About to order bespoke jewellery & a weekend away to surprise my wife on our wedding anniversary

The great thing is I can do these things without taking cash out of the business. And after Mandy’s report from Madeira, an autumn holiday is definitely on the agenda!

After 8 months I’m a big fan of BBX and would recommend it to any business owner with spare capacity or surplus stock."

Nigel Wilkinson – Managing Director / WNW Digital

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