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BBX | Member Testimonials

BBX | Member Testimonials

Why BBX will work for your business?

“We have been members of BBX UK since it launched, and it has proved a brilliant way to monetise any spare places on our public courses. 

We run regular training courses in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, AutoCAD and Autodesk, Final Cut and WordPress.  Inevitably, we get a few unsold places or last minute cancellations which we market through the BBX Network.

We have been able to reduce our cash spend by paying for a broad range of products and services with BBX.  These include cleaning, coaching, copywriting, printing, courier services, office stationery and roller banners.   If we are buying something, we always look to see if we can get it on BBX before looking elsewhere, and more often than not we can!”

Mark Young – Managing Director / Academy Class

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