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BBX | Member Testimonials

BBX | Member Testimonials

Why BBX will work for your business?

"We initially joined to take advantage of an event that was being run by BBX, and I am delighted to report that we have continued to benefit significantly from our membership ever since.

Joining BBX was a great decision for our charity. Our membership has allowed us to raise our profile by networking with other local businesses via regular BBX member events. As a result, we have gained a raft of new corporate supporters, been able to sell sponsorship packages and benefited from many generous donations from other BBX members.

As well as using our BBX balance to replace cash for a number of everyday office expenses including office supplies, advertising, and promotional banners, we have also bought raffle and auction prizes. This latter activity has allowed us to turn a small BBX spend into much needed cash injection which can be channeled directly into our charitable activities.

The best thing about being a BBX member is having the support of a dedicated account manager who knows us and the BBX client base. “They work on our behalf to find mutually beneficial opportunities, and this saves me lots of precious time.

Do it! It has worked for us, and I am sure it will work for you too."

Fiona Hansford – CCorporate and Community Manager / Diverse Abilities

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