BBX | Member Testimonials

BBX | Member Testimonials

Why BBX will work for your business?

We have been using BBX for just over six months so far, and it is really working for us. 

We first heard about BBX when we met Matt at a trade show. We were on the lookout for an additional channel to sell our products and (of course) we love buying products and services at a great rate!

We love spending our BBX pounds on a range of business related expenses. In particular, we attend many trade shows and have used our BBX income to pay for a host of related services such as trade stands, accommodation, marketing and promotional support.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) is popular with the type of firms who are members of BBX, and so we can generate sales quickly. On the buying side, find it reasonably easy to find the kind of services we need to help us grow on the BBX network.  Ben, our dedicated trade coordinator, is very persistent and as a result, we have found many offers and great deals on BBX.”

Tim Langley – CEO and Chief Geek / Canddi

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