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BBX China | All Of April's Conferences, Meetings and Operations!


At the end of March, there was another big conference hosted by iBBX Changji Xinjiang province, which had attendances from the governors of the Fujian province and the Shanxi province. iBBX Changji Xinjiang were looking to receive sponsorship to help local businesses. The guests and governors agreed that the creation of a debt solution through iBBX would introduce more enterprises to the BBX platform, helping more entities to achieve a better economic status in 2017.

April 1st

April 1st saw Mr Chi; Chairman of the Inner Mongolia Chamber of Commerce, Mr Yin; Director of Jichuan Group Hebei province and CEO Mr Zhao visit the iBBX head office in Beijing. A collective agreement was made regarding the operation systems and strategies for debt solution with iBBX. Mr Chi, Mr Yin and Mr Zhao signed an agreement to work together on corporate deals, and to benefit further enterprises in iBBX.

April 7th

April 7th held host to another important conference involving more governors, CEO's and directors from large enterprises. Mr Pang introduced iBBX and received a huge amount of support and agreement from the directors.


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