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BBX Australia Hospitality Deals | Wines and Amenities

BBX Australia, a subsidiary of the Hong Kong head-quartered BBX International has successfully facilitated a long term supply of Wines between two of its valued members, a renowned International Hotel Chain, with hotels across Australia in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane and Pacific One Drop, a much experienced national and international wines supplier headquartered in Adelaide. The deal finalised is a continuous supply agreement for a supply 12 pallets every month of mixed variety of Red and White wines at wholesale prices to be delivered across to all their hotels in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane.

This deal follows closely after another long term supply arrangement facilitated by BBX Australia for continuous supply of hotel amenities to a renowned International Hotel Chain from another valued member of BBX in Sydney. In the past BBX has successfully facilitated similar large international trade deals for its corporate members for supply of Office equipment, Office amenities, Paper products, and Food products and also provided great value out of deals struck within the Real Estate & Investment, Travel & Accommodation, Leisure & Lifestyle and Business Solutions sectors.

These high value and long term corporate deals are in line with BBX’s vision of becoming the world’s leading barter trade platform by providing the best benefit of the BBX eco-system to its valued corporate members who use BBX, an alternate currency trading platform, to not only secure new and continuous business but also to access and secure a variety of goods and services available and facilitated by the BBX platform and team at highly competitive prices and cost benefits not found in other trading platforms.

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