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136-144 Chifley Road, Bell NSW Australia 2786
Situated on a high commanding intersection on the cross roads of the busy Bells Line Of Road, The Darling Causeway & Chifley Road. Ideal position for a home business, shops or tourism business generating maximum exposure from local traffic to and from the Central west, Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury residence alike, together with many thousands of passing tourists each week
This site is almost  2 acres of land

Special Note: approximately 1500m2 of the front will be acquired by RMS for road widening. Under compulsory acquisition, RMS have to buy it back at market price.
$300,00 AUD/T$200,000 BBX

Permissible Use “STCA”


Animal Establishment

Arts and Crafts Gallery

Bed and Breakfast


Communications Facility

Community Centre

Dwelling House

Educational Establishment

Guest House

High Tech Industry

Holiday Cabin

Home Industry


Place of Public Worship

Recreation Facility

Refreshment Room


Utility Installation


Visitor Facilities

For Further Information

Andrew Bell
02 9499 1116

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