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It's always great to hear that BBX as well as our members are performing at an impressive level. Congratulations to both the BBX team and Jaspa King Shoes for their high level of appraisal!

Here are some testimonials members have written in regard to online shoe store, by Jaspa King.

"Hi Debbie, the shoes that you ordered for me arrived today and they are stunning. They would have to be the best quality shoes, I have seen in a long time, and I used my BBX points rather than cash. Am so happy, the girls in the office will be sending you orders for them today. Thanks again"

"Hey Deb, omg my shoes are amaaaaaaaaazing!! Thank you thank you thank you, I am so in love with them, best thing I have ever gotten through BBX"

"Good morning Debbie, I just received my shoes. They are incredible. They fit perfectly and feel amazing on. Extremely happy, keep up the great work"

 Thank you to all our members for their kind words, to TCO Debbie Mitchell and to Jaspa King! You can visit their website here.

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