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BBX Australia | Australian Pearl Diver's Valentine's VIP Night a Success!

For the second time in 3 months, Australian Pearl Divers opened the doors for a BBX exclusive night. Once again their staff were amazing, creating a relaxed and warm feeling for our members, letting our members shop freely and were happy to answer any questions that they had. As usual, a huge thanks to the team at Australian Pearl Divers.

A huge thanks to Debbie, Shradha and Marianne for their efforts during the night. The nibbles that Marianne made for the event were a huge success, thanks again. The ladies were amazing and worked seamlessly together.

BBX Shows its Strength
Over 15% of the available Trade Dollars were spent on purchasing the beautiful pearls and some sneaky opals available exclusively for the members that had made the journey for the night. It was a great effort by them, considering the weather in Sydney had been so horrible during the day. What a successful evening!

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