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Mark Cutler Store
Liberty Theatre & Cinema
45-49 Wilson St Collarenebri NSW

$77,950 AUD/T$52,000 BBX

This has been a Collarenebri icon since 1937


2 Bedroom House
Outdoor Theatre
Indoor Cinema
All on an acre of land on two title.

The old reel to reel equipment is gone and they don’t use film any more but I will throw in a large venue DVD projector and DVD player and surround sound system for successful purchaser.

The shop is currently being used as toy and stationary outlet but plans are afoot to complete kitchen and open as a Pink Floyd Theme Café. We have put in a stainless steel kitchen and just need to finish of the plumbing

Property is leased till 30th June 2017

For Further information

Andrew Bell
02 9499 1116

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