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BBX Thailand | Supporting "Take Care Kids" Charity

Take Care Kids Onlus charity in Thailand is a not for profit organisation that works with children living in social and economic hardship; working primarily in Pattaya, a city 130km from Bangkok. The charity aims to provide care and refuge to children and single mothers who are or have experienced varying degrees of violence, abuse and human trafficking. The organisation takes particular care of abused or abandoned children that require special care.

As stated on their website, Take Care Kids aims to:

1. Support and endeavour to improve the quality of life of orphans or children that live in destitute conditions in South-east Asian countries.
2. Relieve the social poverty in these countries.
3. Make the public aware of the social hardship and, finally, to promote cultural exchange between Italy and the countries of South-east Asia.
4. Provide medical aid.

The organisation aims to provide a normal way of life to those who have been unable to experience positivity within theirs through work with individuals as well as the community.

BBX has consistently supported Take Care Kids and has donated THB 1000000 to the charity. BBX looks forward to continuing the support to the success of this hard working organisation.

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