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BBX China | Iron Ore Deal Investigation Meetings

BBX International CEO - Mrs. Carolin Macdonald and BBX China headquarters and their team visited Wuan city on the 7th & 8th of December. Mr. Jia Xuri - chairman of the federation of industry and commerce hosted the meetings. We have met representatives from new Wuan iron and steel group, Hebei province logistics co., LTD.; Mr. Wang Xue-Feng - chairman of bonded logistics center, and general manager of XinGang Hebei Xinghua iron and steel co.. All parties gathered together to discuss about the iron ore import business and cooperation of both sides.

CEO Mrs. Carolin Macdonald says international headquarters will vigorously support the cooperation of Wuan steel iron ore import and export business.

Chairman of BBX China headquarters Mr. Pang Qijing introduced the details of the project, including the multi-dimensional thinking mode to focus on the international enterprise corporate deals, and to solve debt problems.

Chairman of Wuan bonded logistics center Mr. Wang Xue-Feng did a brief introduction about the local enterprise's situation, highly agreeing with the concept of "serving entity enterprise", and he believes the cooperation with BBX International and BBX China will be naturally carried out.

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