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The event was held at BBX Malaysia office on 8/9/2016, attended by 35 guest, more than half are non BBX members. BBX Licensee Director, Esther was the MC for the day.

The event kicked off with a ice breaker by Lily Ma, VP of Communication and Community Experience. The ice breaker enable every visitor and guest with a chance to introduce themselves and the company with product and services, it was an indirect networking session, the session involved every visitors.

The event basically provide an understanding on how BBX can be a great tool during the economy down turn as BBX provides a platform to conserve your cash, promote your products and services locally and internationally, imagine, you used to pay your expenses all in cash in the past, now some of your expenses are being taken care by using BBX as a tool. Those businesses who plan to extend their presence internationally will get a great platform as well as your will be exposed to all the 13 countries where BBX are operating. The subject of BBX as business tool during economy down turn was addressed by a member from Tre Resources Sdn Bhd who is supplying financial services, she has testified how she has utilised BBX as a tool for her business by showing some pictures.

Another testimonial by the founder of Precious Cargo Sdn Bhd, David Jackson was captured via video as he was of the state during the event, however did not want to miss a chance to address his appreciation to the exchange platform, therefore we took the option of having him via video format.

BBX Licensee Manager, Sean continue to brief on how BBX works and the relevancy of this platform to the SME business owners.

The event was ended with 3 prizes of lucky draw and refreshment.

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