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IBBX China on TV!

IBBX China CEO - Mr. Pang Qijing was invited to be interviewed by《华商论见》talk show at the studio of CCTV Discovery Channel. This TV show classified as China's first high-profile forum style interview designed for the majority of Chinese entrepreneurs to set up an autonomous exchange, mutual collision, growing media platform. Attention to the history of the growth and development of various types of Chinese enterprises, with all kinds of wonderful stories highlights show business, focusing on the Chinese companies in the production, management, corporate culture, brand building pioneering and innovation.

iBBX International Barter is a barter oriented e-commerce platform. iBBX International Barter utilities Internet Technology as major settlement tool and trade dollar concept, formed a brand new "post-modern barter" e-commerce platform, mainly to solve three problems: 1, help companies expand sales channels, reduce financial costs; 2, to help companies clean up multilateral debt, improve the financing capacity; 3, help banks to reduce non-performing rate, optimize the financial environment.

Mr. Zheng Jibin - Chairman of Beijing Tai Chi Hehe Technology Development Co., Ltd and Mr. Wang Yanfang - General manager of the Beijing Pingfangyuan Trading Company were also participate in the discussion expressed their opinions from different angles on their own entrepreneurial and business experiences.

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