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BBX Adelaide | Expo 16th August 2016

Over 400 members attended the Adelaide Trade-night and immensely enjoyed the good food, great trading, each over company and more than anything the very talented Divine Orchestra. BBX staff should be congratulated on the enormous task of making the evening happen, all the Members for their enthusiastic participation and all those who provided amazing positive feedback.


Mrs Mireille Touma Addressing the BBX Members of South Australia During her felicitation & also Tribute to Michael Touma. Present on the stage were Rodney Hardy & David Weber.

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From the Left : Steven Spence Marshall - South Australian Leader of the Opposition, Mrs. Touma Director BBX Administration, Robyn Brown - Franchise BBX Murraylands Hills, Rachel Sanderson MP - Adelaide Electorate Office, Mala Hardy -BBX Melbourne East, Urvesh Patel - BBX Adelaide North, David Weber - BBX Adelaide South & finally on the very right Alok Arora - BBX Adelaide East.

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BBX National Sales Director - Stephen Rodrigues, Introducing the Dignitaries & addressing BBX Adelaide Members.

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Top Traders Awards Winners

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Dignitaries Speech 

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On the left: Steven Marshal - South Australian Leader of the Opposition
On the Right Rachel Sanderson MP - Adelaide Electorate Office

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On  the Left : Russell Paul Wortley is an Australian politician who has served in the South Australian Legislative Council for the South Australian Branch of the Australian Labor Party since the 2006 election. Currently President of the Legislative Council since the 2014 election.
On the Right: Rodney Hardy - BBX Melbourne Franchise owner introducing Mrs. Mireille Touma & paying tribute to Founder CEO Michael Touma.


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One of the best performance of the night - Divine Orchestra performing & bringing the crowed together.

- Oh What A Performance -

Shopping Time

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Auction Time

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